I am an ICF certified coach with over 18 years of work experience, including professional leadership experience. I have worked directly with executive management and agile software development teams, covering the broad spectrum of business sizes from large enterprise, medium size & startups in the eCommerce, financial services, IT consulting, software as a service & healthcare industries. Functional areas include sales, marketing, product & project management, talent and organizational development at Accenture, Zooplus, Userlane and Payworks.

My areas of particular interest include leadership, self confidence, time management & prioritization, work life integration, constructive conflict management, persuasion and personal development. I am also passionate about communication. Why? Because creative, original and inspiring thoughts and ideas are only as powerful as one's ability to communicate it in a manner that inspires and motivates others to take action!

My core values are continuous learning, humility, authenticity, empathy and integrity.

Books I have recently read and would highly recommend: Conscious Business by Fred Kofman and Radical Candor by Kim Scott.

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