University for Expression and Communication
Kindertheater Finnisj (Theater for Children)
Chef in several Restaurants
IT Specialist
CEO "Simon Bremer Consultancy" SIA in Riga
Adviser for Program Development, Europe & Innovation Mentor at How to Change the World,
Certified Six Sigma Trainer
Certified LEAN Management Trainer

Collaboration We are committed to working collaboratively with each other to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients who are at the centre of everything we do. In working collaboratively we acknowledge that every person working in the project plays a valuable role that contributes to achieving the best possible outcomes.

Openness A commitment to openness in our communications builds confidence and greater cooperation. We are committed to encouraging our clients and all people who work in the project to provide feedback that will help us provide better services.

Respect We have respect for the abilities, knowledge, skills and achievements of all people.

Zero waste, The ultimate goal is to provide perfect customer value through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste

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